For over four decades, Realty Exchange has facilitated thousands of successful real estate transactions while raising the bar in industry standards.

As multifamily real estate specialist, Realty Exchange advises on aspects of the multifamily industry that are unfamiliar to agents with a more general real estate background.  Although we are not attorneys, our agents are trained to consider:

  • Market trends
  • Rent and repair factors
  • Current and upcoming laws
  • Inspection results
  • 1031 exchange options
  • Tax implications
  • Cap rates and internal returns

Our team of multifamily experts also networks with developers, real estate professionals, and investors on a daily basis, pooling knowledge to benefit both buyers and sellers.  Buyers obtain recommendations on funding, inspecting, repair, and long term financial planning from one source.  Sellers receive serious inquiries through our extensive looking-to-buy investor databases.

Realty Exchange’s attention to every detail of your multifamily real estate transaction lays the foundation for your real estate investment goals today and twenty years from today.

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